Lidar Data Processing

Partner with us for professional LiDAR data processing services that leverage the latest technology and expertise to extract meaningful insights from your LiDAR data.

Point cloud classification and segmentation

Our skilled professionals employ advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to classify and segment Lidar point clouds. This process allows for the identification and extraction of specific objects or features of interest, such as buildings, vegetation, terrain, and infrastructure

DEM generation

We generate precise Digital Elevation Models from Lidar data, capturing detailed information about terrain topography and elevation variations. Our DEMs are essential for terrain analysis, flood modelling, land management, and other applications.

3D modelling and visualization Change detection and

Our services include change detection analysis, comparing multiple Lidar datasets over time to identify and quantify changes in the environment. This is crucial for monitoring land use, infrastructure development, natural disasters, and other dynamic phenomena

Feature extraction and mapping

We extract and map specific features from Lidar data, such as buildings, roads, vegetation, and water bodies. This nformation supports urban planning, transportation network design, vegetatio management, and environmental assessments.

Powerline and Utility corridor analysis and

Our experts perform accurate power line and utility corridor analysis using Lidar data, identifying encroachments, vegetation interference, and clearance issues. This helps utility companies ensure the safe and efficient operation of their infrastructure.

LiDAR data fusion and Integration

We integrate Lidar data with other geospatial datasets, such as aerial imagery, GIS data, and satellite imagery, to create comprehensive and multi- dimensional datasets. This enables enhanced analysis, modelling, and decision-making processes.