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As a leading technology-driven geospatial solutions and services provider, 4D4 is dedicated to empowering organizations with efficient utilization of geospatial data. We excel in harnessing cutting-edge GIS technologies and data management techniques to enhance the quality, dissemination, and application of geospatial information.

Enabling Organizations to Achieve Spatial Excellence

Our primary goal is to enable organizations to maximize the potential of GIS in meeting their business needs. 4D4 specializes in system development for visualizing and editing geographic data, spatial relationship analysis, and efficient spatial data management. Our comprehensive service portfolio encompasses GIS, geospatial data management, Lidar data processing, photogrammetry, 3D city modeling, UAV data processing, and remote sensing.

Professional Consultancy

1- Conducting business requirements analysis
2- Developing GIS roadmap
3- Evaluating technology options
4- Designing solution architecture
5- Database design and data modeling
6- Providing system upgrade consultancy
7- Guiding application/data migration strategy

GIS Application Development and System Integration

1- Developing custom applications
2- Creating operational dashboards
3- Implementing web GIS solutions
4- Building mobile GIS applications
5- Integrating GIS systems
6- Providing software updates and maintenance

Satellite & UAV Image Processing

1- Triangulating aerial and UAV images
2- Processing and ortho-rectification of images
3- Enhancing image quality
4- Interpreting images
5- Geo-referencing and geo-rectification
6- Analyzing and reporting incidents
7- Processing hyperspectral images

Geospatial Data Management

1- Converting spatial data formats
2- Integrating survey data
3- Performing data transformation (Extract-Transform-Load)
4- Cleansing and posting work orders
5- Conducting data quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)
6- Processing satellite imagery
7- Digital ortho rectification
8- 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
9- Lidar data processing services
10- Processing navigational video imagery

Professional Services

Our consultants deeply understand your business needs and existing capabilities, enabling us to develop geospatial strategies, offer technical guidance, and foster knowledge-sharing.

Conducting business requirements analysis

Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific business needs and objectives. We conduct a thorough analysis of their requirements, workflows, and processes to identify how GIS can effectively support their operations and decision-making.

Developing GIS roadmap

Based on the business requirements analysis, we develop a comprehensive GIS roadmap that outlines the strategic direction and goals for implementing GIS solutions. This roadmap serves as a guide for future GIS initiatives and helps prioritize projects based on their potential impact and alignment with organizational objectives.

Evaluating technology options

We assess various GIS technologies and platforms available in the market to identify the most suitable solutions for our clients. This involves evaluating factors such as functionality, scalability, integration capabilities, and cost-effectiveness to ensure that the chosen technology aligns with the client's requirements and long-term vision.

Designing solution architecture:

Our team designs the architecture of the GIS solution, taking into consideration factors such as data sources, data management, application modules, system integrations, and scalability. The solution architecture is designed to optimize performance, ensure data integrity, and provide a flexible and extensible framework for future enhancements.

Database design and data modeling:

We design and develop the underlying database structure for the GIS solution, ensuring efficient storage, retrieval, and management of spatial and attribute data. We employ industry-standard data modeling techniques to capture the relationships between different data entities and ensure data consistency and integrity.

Providing system upgrade consultancy:

We offer consultancy services for clients looking to upgrade their existing GIS systems. We assess the current system architecture, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for system upgrades, including software versions, hardware requirements, and migration strategies. Our aim is to ensure a seamless transition to the upgraded system while minimizing disruption to operations.

Lidar Data Processing

Partner with us for professional LiDAR data processing services that leverage the latest technology and expertise to extract meaningful insights from your LiDAR data.

Point cloud classification and segmentation

Our skilled professionals employ advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to classify and segment Lidar point clouds. This process allows for the identification and extraction of specific objects or features of interest, such as buildings, vegetation, terrain, and infrastructure

DEM generation

We generate precise Digital Elevation Models from Lidar data, capturing detailed information about terrain topography and elevation variations. Our DEMs are essential for terrain analysis, flood modelling, land management, and other applications.

3D modelling and visualization Change detection and

Our services include change detection analysis, comparing multiple Lidar datasets over time to identify and quantify changes in the environment. This is crucial for monitoring land use, infrastructure development, natural disasters, and other dynamic phenomena

Feature extraction and mapping

We extract and map specific features from Lidar data, such as buildings, roads, vegetation, and water bodies. This nformation supports urban planning, transportation network design, vegetatio management, and environmental assessments.

Powerline and Utility corridor analysis and

Our experts perform accurate power line and utility corridor analysis using Lidar data, identifying encroachments, vegetation interference, and clearance issues. This helps utility companies ensure the safe and efficient operation of their infrastructure.

LiDAR data fusion and Integration

We integrate Lidar data with other geospatial datasets, such as aerial imagery, GIS data, and satellite imagery, to create comprehensive and multi- dimensional datasets. This enables enhanced analysis, modelling, and decision-making processes.

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