Point Cloud Processing

Cleaning, classifying, and optimizing the captured point cloud data to ensure accuracy and reliability.

BIM Modelling

Converting the point cloud data into comprehensive and accurate BIM models that represent the existing building or structure in 3D.

Clash Detection and Coordination

Conducting clash detection analysis to identify and resolve potential clashes or interferences between different building elements or systems.


Utilizing photogrammetry techniques to generate 3D models from a collection of photographs taken from multiple angles.

As-Built Documentation

Creating detailed documentation, including plans, sections, and elevations, that accurately represent the existing conditions of the scanned environment.

Renovation and Retrofitting Support

Assisting in renovation and retrofitting projects by integrating the existing conditions captured through scanning into the BIM workflow.

Facility Management and Maintenance

Leveraging the BIM model for facility management, asset management, space utilization, energy analysis, and ongoing maintenance planning.

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